Welcome to Children's Ministry Online at Hope!

During this unprecedented time of the Covid-19 pandemic, we offer a variety of resources to support you as you encourage your children on their faith journey.  Children's Ministry, indeed all types of ministry, look different now while we are maintaining social distance. We pray that your family will connect to each other and to God in new and creative ways. 

A Worship Guide is posted each week that includes an online bulletin, prayer list, and announcements, as well as children's worship bulletins. Here is the link: https://www.hopeumc.com/SS-at-Home

In the time of Covid-19, we have to get creative in how we do all the things we want to do. God is with us throughout these times, and the church is too!  We get to be the church even if we're not AT the church.  All of the following activities will continue online until the shelter in place order is lifted.  Youth - join us!  Parents - encourage your youth to participate.  And everybody, please let me know if there is anything the church can do to support you.  We are truly all in this together.
Teenagers need to talk!  Our middle school and high school students can still meet together, even when we're all sitting in our homes.  We continue to hold online Sunday School and Thursday Night Youth Group; all youth are welcome to come and invite others to join in by sharing the link that you can get from our Youth Director, Kathy Askins at HopeUMYKathy@gmail.com.  (We are limiting access to those links to preserve privacy and security for our Youth.)  And, as always, Lorrie is always available to talk or counsel you privately.


Come to Sunday School with some of your regular teachers online! Have your Bible close by, paper and pen/pencil just in case you need to write something down. For privacy and security, we are limiting access to this Zoom meeting.  Contact Kathy at HopeUMYKathy@gmail.com to get the link.


We can't meet in person, but we can still meet online for virtual games, discussions, and fun on Thursday evenings!  Come for the whole time if you can, or pop in when you're available.  For privacy and security, we are limiting access to this Zoom meeting, but your friends are always welcome!  Contact Kathy at HopeUMYKathy@gmail.com to get the link.

자녀들을 위한 기도


주여, 우리의 자녀들이 이렇게 자라게 하옵소서. 

정직한 패배에 부끄러워하지 않고 태연하며,

승리에 겸손하고 온유하게 하옵소서.

평탄하고 안이한 길이 아니라

고난과 도전의 긴장과 자극 속으로 인도하여 주옵소서.

폭풍우 속에서도 분연히 일어설 줄 알며,

넘어지는 사람에 대한 연민을 배우게 하옵소서.

마음을 깨끗이 하여 목표는 높게 갖되

남을 다스리기 전에 자신을 먼저 다스릴 줄 알게 하시며,

소리 내어 웃을 줄도 알지만 때로는 울 줄도 알게 하옵소서.

미래로 나아가되 과거를 잊지 않는 자녀들로 빚어 주옵소서.

예수 그리스도의 이름으로 기도합니다. 아멘.